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Alberto Cappi
La Voce di Mantova
12 June 2008

The publishing house Pequod presents “The enervated of Jumièges”, by Roberta Bertozzi. The poetry collection is accompanied by Pasquale Di Palmo’s well-informed foreword. Bertozzi, a poet from Cesena, has already published a previous collection and has been often anthologized; she also collaborates with several literary journals.
In this collection the poet adopts a multi-levelled, original writing, one that has been articulated in a way that it is almost impossible to define the genre: the texts go from the confessional tone of a journal to the breezy atmospheres of a short poem. The collection’s pace is rather restless, skipping, unsteady, erratic, while dialogues tend to subtract themselves to any full enclosure.
At the centre of this fragmented set of compositions is the conflict; the place where to express it is provided by an intense love for words:  “Leak, this closing cracks with the grease/ of words...”.