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A river, two brothers on a drifting raft, a journey that foresees neither departure nor landing: the book retrieves a paradigm of both our times and their contradictions through the iconography of a suggestive painting made by Evariste Luminais. The two protagonists, while being bewildered by a sense of inertia that mirrors the paralysis of Western society, are forced into commodities, the conditioning of air and light, and the sterility of all human contact. They spend their days conversing with their absent father and waiting for an initiation to adulthood that will never come. They are surrounded by the wan space of the suburbs and the anonymous crowd of our metropolises: a homogeneous and guarded landscape, shaken by momentary jolts, by all the “dreadfulness of what is latent”. The epos of the enervated overturns in order to become a broken down hybrid-poem that appears dislocated in its syntactical junctions as well as in its discursive illusion, one that has been eroded by lyrical retaliations, verticality and dithering. As they are confronted with both the absence of a civilian and ethical project, and with the mystification of reality achieved by media and show business factories, the two brothers respond by vanishing: we have to miss our own time, as this gets exhausted and remediless, we need to fail every expectation, every incoming constraint – to trigger the praxis of difference, of deficiency, of a-topia.