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The tapestry has the mended shape of a map. Our places and occasions nest above it and constantly evolve; we entrust it episodes which would otherwise be distracted. Thus the act of weaving becomes a blossoming of gesture, a palm becomes a wing in its forehead. It is the rebirth of all throw-outs, of all remnants merged within a whole, each one chosen and fit to thicken the soft weave. The world, the whole saved world, lays its foundations within the act of weaving, the patient time, the generous square of a defibrated fabric. A way is sewn up again, while signs are cast out. The tapestry is a blanket for pathways, a safekeeping of our attention.
The project Broderie starts on the 27th January 2002 and accompanies the celebration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. As we were feeling the need of a collective breath, the artisan hands magically joined every time in order to comb these bewildered fabrics, neglected by fashion and measure, marginalised. It is the redemption of remnants, of scraps, of ugliness that only retrieves beauty when is looked upon with willing eyes. The point of minimal resistance lies between the choice and the sewing, the point where the human embraces, gathers and gives.


• 27 January 2002, Giornata della Memoria (“International Holocaust Remembrance Day”)
Sorrivoli Castle

• 26 January 2003, Giornata della Memoria (“International Holocaust Remembrance Day”)
Sorrivoli Castle

• 21 March 2003, Poeti per la pace (“Poets for Peace”)
Libreria NerosuBianco, Cesena



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