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Suites are organic sequences of texts and images, which are intentionally very much connected to the motif and in which it is impossible to divide between element and poetry; in every suite, all intention is encompassed within the attempt to make the texts dialogue with each other, with precise dexterity and recurring, wise gestures. Poetry and gesticulation, the handmade product: in order to give a literal interpretation to Marina Cvetaeva’s words, when in creation, one leaves the hands free to work. Suites thus represent a perimeter where it may occur that words become the handmaids of every craftwork and deed.




01. Light with slender bones
30 printed numbered copies
22nd December 2004

* It contains three poems, an original printed negative and a photography taken with a camera equipped with a stenopeic hole

02. Midi le juste
30 printed numbered copies
22nd December 2005

*It contains three poems and a series of handmade seals


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